physical and mental 


Looking for a mechanic you can trust? Look no further! We’re the most friendly, honest auto repair team in the area. 

courses to increase  basic 


Working on the mechanics and understanding what that weapon will and will not do is training. 

training to improve your   


technical shooting to ensure  


When that one shot matters the most you will need to understand how the mind works with the body under extreme stress. 

There will only be one chance you are given to get it right when it really counts.   

our mission

Our mission is simple.  We give you the very best information on industry related news as well as providiing clients with the most challenging firearms training and tactics.

- Weapons Testing and Reviews

- New Product Testing 

- Media and Video   
- Best Places To Hunt
- Preferred Shooting Ranges 
- Interviews 
- Industry Related Topics
- Off The Grid Survival
- Tactical Firearms Instruction 

- Challenging Courses 
- Technical Shooting Clinics
- Rural Environment Operations
- Mountain Operations
​- Leadership Development

- Team Building and Motivational Training 



"Awesome training provided. Just finished my second course with these guys and couldn't be happier. The real world scenarios and practical training is something unique that not many other companies can provide."
Casey Scott, Virginia Tech ROTC, Marksmanship Unit

"You’re a great teacher Chris and your straight forward yet not overly stressing way allows someone like me to listen, learn with less pressure to get it right the first time and have some fun."

Ralph Lisa,  Fort Lauderdale Florida 

"Great group of guys, excellent knowledge base. Good balance of physical, technical, and mindset. Some of the best training I have received." 

Mathew, California 

"Highly recommended! Great training! The guys are very knowledgable & professional."

Jake, Police Officer, Georgia 

"Chris and the guys at Sandhill are top notch. They really know their stuff, and they know how to teach it. More than that you can tell they enjoy teaching it. Great guys, great training, great company. Can't wait to get myself back down to Georgia for more training."

Alex Uncle, Virginia 

 Sandhill Tactical puts the latest industry related equipment through the passes to find out what works and what doesn't to help you complete the mission.   

SPARTAN warrior shoot  


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